Jack Birnberg, heard Wednesdays at 1:00pm and Sundays at 9:00am on WVNJ is in his ninth year of bringing you interesting interviews with people from all walks of life covering topics from sports to politics and everything in between.

Jack is the Chairman of the Birnberg Group, a leading financial firm more than 35 years. Jack has served on many public, private, and charitable boards, he's been a guest lecturer at prominent Universities, and he's listed in Who's Who in America. Jack is a past President of The Daughters of Miriam and the Children's Shelter of Passaic County. Other achievements include an Outstanding Leadership award from Barnert Temple and a citation of honor in the Congressional Record. Jack is a past member of the Securities and Exchange Commission for Small Businesses and has been appointed to serve Federal and State Courts as a Trustee, Receiver, and Fiscal agent. Jack Birnberg is also the President of the Regional Association of Small Businesses and a member of its national board.

Prominent guests on previous shows have included: Neil Sedaka, Bea Arthur, Bill Pullman, Lainie Kazan, Comden and Green, Producer Jordan Roth, Nobel Laureate Dr. Burton Richter, William Paterson University President Arnold Spert, Congressmen Bill Pascrell, Barney Frank, and Steve Rothman, Author Dr. Dale Atkins, James Roosevelt grandson of President Franklin D. Roosevelt, Rutgers Head Football Coach Greg Schiano, Valley National Bank Chairman of the Board Jerry Lipkin, former Secretary of Commerce Mickey Cantor, Middle East expert and former Ambassador Marc Ginsberg, terrorism expert and author Steve Emerson, Calire Barry of the Barry Sisters, Michael Feinstein, Fyvsh Finkel, former National Enquirer Publisher and President Ian Calder, U.S. Senator Bob Menendez, expert advisor to General Colin Powell Dr. Harlan Ullman, as well as over two hundred other guests.