Sam Greenfield
Since he began in talk radio in Las Vegas in March of 1997, Sam Greenfield has made a huge impact on the format. His show attracts listeners from every venue of life, from truckers to teachers, from entertainers to politicians.

Sam blends a unique style on his show. His years as a standup comedian serve him well in the show's lighter moments, and his phenomenal ability to call up facts and statistics from every facet of Americana allow him to engage callers and interviewees with a technique so uncanny that the Las Vegas Sun wrote, "unfortunately, he is on the air for ONLY three hours."

Originally from Washington, D.C., Sam graduated with honors from Howard University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts and a Masters Degree in Education. He quit his doctoral program to join a rock band and, since that time, has been a standup comic, actor, writer, and now enjoys success in his chosen field of talk radio.

His career in the electronic media began on the NBC cable network "America's Talking" the predecessor to MSNBC. He co-hosted "Pork," an hour-long daily television show discussing government fraud and waste. As co-host, he conducted interviews with government officials, journalists, and economic experts.

Then he was hired by the CBS owned news/talk station in Las Vegas, AM 840 KXNT, to host the coveted afternoon drive time slot. While at KXNT, Sam discussed a wide range of topics and had the privilege of interviewing many famous and renowned guests from journalism to sports, and politics to entertainment. His guest roster included Howard Kurtz, Sidney Sheldon, Hillary Clinton, Nat Hentoff, Charles Rangel, Mark Shields, Mills Lane, Bert Sugar, Mitch Albom, Jesse Jackson, Al Gore, John Glenn, Sen. John McCain, Jay Leno, Eleanor Clift, Joy Behar, Michael Isikoff, Karl Malden, Tim Robbins, Willis Reed, The Smothers Brothers, The O'Jays, Lewis Black, Dick Schapp, and Art Buchwald.

He then returned to his adopted hometown of New York (he had lived here for the eleven years prior to going to Las Vegas) to host the evening talk show on News/Talk 1050 WEVD. In addition, he appeared on the highly rated Fox News Channel's weekend entertainment show, "The Insiders", and has made dozens of appearances on Fox News, CNN, and MSNBC. From there he became the host of "Drivetime Dialogue" on WWRL 1600AM. Now Sam mans the mornings for WVNJ in New Jersey.

Sam lives in Manhattan with his wife Barbara Singer, a talented performer and writer, and their daughter, Cassie Greenfield. He is active in community affairs and gives of his time to charitable organizations.

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